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A Nautical Adventure at Tokyo DisneySea 😍

We arrived in Tokyo on a Friday in October. I was sick all weekend because, well, planes are germ capsules, and my immune system isn’t the greatest. Sunday in our Ginza Creston Hotel room high on the 27th floor, Hendricks nonchalantly handed me an envelope, stamped with his architecture firm’s return address. “Oh, look what I got,” he said to me. Did he get a bonusI thought to myself. Huh… I opened the envelope to find two home-printed tickets to Tokyo DisneySea, and thus ensued the waterworks for the next twenty to thirty minutes. I’m a Disneyland FANATIC to the utmost degree, and I had no idea he’d planned to bring me. “I was going to just get you on the subway and have you piece it together as we go,” he said. “But, since you haven’t been feeling well, I really wanted to make sure you get enough rest to feel well in the morning.” 🙂 Points.

Tokyo DisneySea exceeded my expectations. It was originally designed to be built in Long Beach, centered around the Queen Mary. The park, which opened in 2001, features seven lands, or ports of call,  nautically themed: Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, and Mysterious Island. Rather than describe the lands, I’ll simply post a video (excuse the shakiness- video is off my Nokia Lumia) of our adventure so you can see for yourself how dope it is.


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