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A Nautical Adventure at Tokyo DisneySea 😍

We arrived in Tokyo on a Friday in October. I was sick all weekend because, well, planes are germ capsules, and my immune system isn't the greatest. Sunday in our Ginza Creston Hotel room high on the 27th floor, Hendricks nonchalantly handed me an envelope, stamped with his architecture firm's return

Japan Part II: Visiting Tokyo

Tokyo Let us travel forward in time, quite literally, to the Land of the Rising Sun. And by literally, I mean literally, not figuratively, since the word has been rabbit holed into believing it is what it isn't, and what it isn't, it shouldn't be. You literally can, actually. Aversion to

Japan Part I: Planning a Trip to Japan

Excuse Me, USA, But I Think We Need Some Time Apart. It's not you, America. It's me. I need some time to grow. My significant other and I decided last year that maybe we should go on a little adventure outside the good ol’ US of A- just the two of us. But,