Japan Part III: Visiting Kyoto

The Kyoto Protocol (Not Literally) Hendricks and I left Tokyo on a Friday before noon, hopped on a shinkansen, and, with a few brief stops in places like Yokohama and Shizuoka, zoomed down 288 miles of track to Kyoto in exactly 158 minutes- the timing is that precise. As I've said in previous posts,

Beach Fossils in Echo Park

Still Energetic After Sacramento's TBD Fest Beach Fossils is at it again. Their tour officially ended October 7th in San Diego, but they have several upcoming shows through November. Their sold-out LA show last Monday, October 6th had been moved last minute from the Regent to the Echoplex due to construction (thank

Wonder Woman Costume DIY

Becoming Princess Diana... Not of Wales, of Themyscira Oh Sacredest of Days... I generally don't 'go out' in the traditional sense on October 31st. I believe it to be a hallowed day of reverence. Ergo, I have historically treated it as a religious holiday, taking time away from my daily routine to observe

Japan Part II: Visiting Tokyo

Tokyo Let us travel forward in time, quite literally, to the Land of the Rising Sun. And by literally, I mean literally, not figuratively, since the word has been rabbit holed into believing it is what it isn't, and what it isn't, it shouldn't be. You literally can, actually, damnit. Aversion

Craft Spells in Echo Park

Michael Stock of Part Time Punks Brings Captured Tracks to L.A. Again... And, It Never Gets Old Sunday July 20th, Craft Spells played The Echo, Los Angeles in the last show of their tour with The Bilinda Butchers. Craft Spells started their set with the title track off their latest album Nausea,