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A Bridal Shower For Little Ol’ Me

Curran and I are getting married two weeks from today. We are very excited for everything coming up this year, including the arrival of our first child due in August. My soon to be mother-in-law, with whom I’ve grown incredibly close over the past 14 years, threw me a bridal shower yesterday, which was beyond perfect. I couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful, intimate, and fitting for me. And, I was so honored that so many of my friends came out to celebrate.

Baby Curran and Baby Britt, photos courtesy of our parents. Gorgeous succulent vases arranged by Curran’s mom, Janis, straight from her garden. And parting gifts adorned with wax flower.
Ready to order.

Left to Right: My oldest (not in terms of age) friends, Taylor and Dylan. My Aunt, Lisa, my Mom and my dear friend, Jasmine.

Our friend Liz, who is engaged to be married to our friend, Brian, sometime next year. And Curran’s mom, Janis, who hosted this beautiful event.
My best friend since 4th grade, Taylor. And my very good friend, Katy, who is dog-mom to Pebbles, Siouxsie’s BFF.
Couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law. She’s beyond wonderful.
McKenna and Ariana, Curran’s younger brother’s wife and daughter. She is the sister I never had, and we have grown incredibly close. And, I just adore my little niece.
She’s the cutest.
Yeah. I’m “that” aunt.
My awesome stepmom, who DOES NOT look like a stepmom.
The Mee to my Bee. Mia Mia.
Laker Girls Brittney Julie
My girl, Julie, making it out to Ventura on behalf of all my Laker Girl friends who will be at the wedding. She’s the best.
Cafe Fiore Ventura Bridal Shower
Lunch is served.

And that’s a wrap! I’ll see all these ladies in two weeks when I marry my best friend šŸ™‚

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